What I’ll miss about Dubai…

On my final day being an official resident in Dubai I thought it fitting to go to a beach club in front of the 7-star Burj Al Arab hotel and drink wine with some friends.






It was a lovely relaxing day with stunning views and a small peek at 360 bar out at sea where I went for my first 5 star experience when arriving in Dubai over 7 years ago.

It got me thinking about my experiences and about few of the things I would and definitely wouldn’t miss about Dubai so I hope this tongue in cheek list resonates with a few of you sandpit dwellers.

Things I’ll miss about Dubai in no particular order:
My Dubai family- I couldn’t have done it without you reprobates / The parking ticket men on the exit at the malls  / Zaatar w zeit fattoush / Marc Jones’ Welsh Christmas / a 4 dirham Shawarma from Karama / Men sweeping the roads of sand in a sandstorm /Gracy ♥️/ Ladies night / Going to a club and ending up on a yacht / Falcons flying in first class/ No maamsirrrrr, not possible / rubbing the stamp off in the Westin to get 3 more free wines/ Shammmaaalllllllll 🌪/Yacht club happy hour and Marina club sandwiches /Chi / not realising Chi was open air for the first 40 times I went / Media 1 pool parties and meeting Penn State’s best ever swimmer/ about 50 days holiday a year / Balcony parties / fishing trips / round the clock delivery of anything you want /The Atlantis pool parties in a wheelchair / veal -turkey-dog- beef- chimpanzee bacon and sausages /getting your car washed 12 times a day and it still being covered in sand / Being tailgated and undertaken by someone with 7 kids not wearing seat belts and a lion hanging out the window / Beach parties with the worst DJs / boat parties with Show Me Love on repeat / telling the shopping bag packing man in Spinneys I don’t need a bag as i live upstairs /JBR traffic / Counting how many champagnes you drank at Yalumba brunch / Camels blocking the road en route to barracuda /Being able to leave a Ferrari open with an Audermars Piguet watch on the dash board and it still being there 6 weeks later / Ibn Battuta cinema / beauty salons everywhere💅🏼/ being asked why I’m not tanned if I live in a hot country/ going to the water park when you are hungover / Ordering food any time of the day but not often getting what you asked for/  the mall car washers trying to help you to park but standing behind your bar and settings off the parking sensors / milk and honey delivery at 3am / Being told by my Asian colleagues/beauty therapist I am looking tired/chubby/wrinkled/fat/never going to get married/ bad hair day /very pale etc and it being a term of endearment/  Emirates- when you want to escape anywhere with your glass of wine filled the whole way/ being asked if I am not allowed to drink wine and have to be covered up as I live in the Middle East/ Bullfrogs at Rock bottoms and getting a shawarma on the way out / doing Crossfit outside in 50 degree heat / Papa Murphys taco pizza RIP / Eating hummus all day errrydayy /Doing a Palm strip at the weekend ♥️ you Cabana/ Telling yourself you’ll only have one Palm strip and end up dying of a cheap wine hangover (Sunrise is a killer) / Stallions Club in RAK/ People reversing down a 7 lane high way /Having an inordinate amount of condensed milk in a cup of tea at any meeting you go to / The A380 bar /my colleagues / watching the rugby at Barasti / Media 1 brunch / Spinneys rotisserie chicken / going to Marina Mall Waitrose to look at hot men (when I was single! Sorry PB😂)/ Staycations in random Emirates/ Mint lemonade / going to a meeting and the person you meet with being at least an hour late then spending 94% of the meeting on their phone / Being stranded for 12 hours on SZR after it rains for 9 minutes /Guessing ‘pimp, customer or father?’ With the ladies ‘friends’ in 360/ ordering an 80 quid bottle of wine and having to collect it from someone’s car boot / Being 6 weeks behind on Eastenders and patiently waiting for when Danny Dyer finally came on! / Valet at the chip shop/The best Indian food / hummus, hummus with meat, hummus with shawarma, freshly baked Arabic bread with hummus, hummus with pine nuts, hummus with pomegranate syrup. Love you all! See you soon Inshallah 🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪


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