The big move

It’s not often you wake up on your birthday with your most prized possessions (20 handbags and half the MAC store) in 3 suitcases ready to move to a country you have never been to before. However, today was that day for me.

So I set off to the airport, terrible wine headache from the previous days festivities on board, ready to start my new adventure.

Usually on my birthday I would be thrilled at the idea of Champagne at 10am but instead I nosedived into the comfiest chair in the lounge and settled for a mug of Earl Grey and the most glamorous of breakfasts-beans on toast. With that, I bid farewell to the country that had been my home for more than 7 years and settled in for the flight, finally ready for a small champagne.


The flight was a short but relaxing 7 hours so I got to watch a few films and enjoy some of the lush food on board. Confession-airplane food is my favourite food. I also had butter chicken which I was too much of a hungover, eat everything in sight, piglet to get a photo of!


We landed 40 minutes ahead of schedule and there was a lovely greeter who informed me not to be alarmed by the amount of police and guns when coming off my flight as the Governor and his family were also travelling from Dubai so extra security was arranged for their arrival. I hadn’t even noticed to be honest, was too busy trying to find my Yellow Fever card amongst the mounds of tat in my bag! Despite it being pretty hot in the airport we swiftly went through passport control ,with some of the friendliest officers I have ever encountered, and onto baggage claim where my helper and I collected my cases. Following a quick tag check I was outside and reunited with Patrick ( yay <3) and his driver Monday very quickly. Also, my BFF Sami had sent me champagne and balloons which made me feel cry a little happy tear. So far, 1000 times less stressful and scary than I had imagined!

We then head off to our new home in Ikoyi which took about 30 minutes as we were assisted by a patrol car to push us through the traffic. We started to unpack then had an early night as I was pretty tired from all the travelling.

View of the water and jetty from our balcony:


The following day Patrick headed off to work and left me alone with 10 Nigerians. So I took the bull by the horns and unloaded the container, had the electricians round and met with our building manager Grace, my driver Lawal and our house steward Victor- all the sweetest people ever who also rolled up their sleeves to help with the move. We had loads of really fresh New York style pizza for lunch and the unloading and fixing was done in a day.  Such a difference to Dubai where you need a new born giraffes, brothers blood then to travel to Deira  and back via Jebel Ali with it to get anyone to move you in/ bring you pizza/ get anything sorted in less than a year! Very refreshing.

Below: Patrick, Grace and the workmen trying to install the TV (excuse the mess!)


Pending putting up paintings and finding (many) shoe racks to keep my babies safe we are all settled in. Time to relax by the pool in the beautiful sunshine with the love of my life!



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