Week one

I’ve survived week one! So, here is a little recap of what we got up to.

After continuing the unpacking all day on Saturday we headed out to RSVP restaurant with Patrick’s colleagues for dinner. The restaurant was so modern and sophisticated with a fantastic cocktail menu-what’s not to love about an extra gingery Moscow Mule?


We ventured out the back of the restaurant to find an open plan garden area with a beautiful pool and bar which looks like it would be a lot of fun to hang out at. Once our table was ready, we shared a variety of starters including sushi wrapped in some sort of local green leaf instead of seaweed, spicy deep-fried cauliflower, honey chicken, hummus and salmon teriyaki bites- all were delicious and disappeared very quickly. The mains, a selection of various meats and fish, were equally delicious and excellent quality-the pork chop being my favourite. I can’t wait to go back again and work my way through the cocktail menu and stuff my little face some more.

On Sunday we continued with some home organising and I headed to the pool in our complex for a little Vitamin D while PB worked. We then headed out to one of the clubs we are members of- The Jet Ski Club. The club consists of a tiki hut style bar next to a swimming pool looking out to the water where a small jetty is bolstered by jet skis.


The club was really lively and the manager explained to us this was the busiest time of the week as they offer transport to the beach and back for members so people had come back to enjoy some food and drink after a hard day of sun worshiping. We decided to stay for dinner and ordered a Greek salad and beef and chicken suya plates. Suya is a traditional Nigerian meal of flattened meat marinaded in spices and cooked on a barbecue/braii. It is served with extra suya spice and fresh red onion and tomatoes. It was so fresh and delicious I could eat that every day. Plus , its Paleo and low carb so i’ll definitely be snacking on that in the lead up to the wedding so I fit into my dress!


Patrick headed off to work on Monday morning. It’s gonna take a while for me to stop thinking Sunday is the first day of the week and Friday is a working day now we are back in a non Muslim country. Anyhow, I decided to venture out and away from Food Network and found a spinning class in the Four Points Sheraton which is a 10 minute drive from my apartment. There were 5 other women in the class and I really enjoyed the music -dance remixes of old school hip hop , afrobeats and dancehall tracks which kept me motivated/ dancing away for the hour. Usually spinning is only 45 minutes and I’m ready to finish but I really enjoyed the whole hour class despite being pretty exhausted at the end. The following day I tried an ab-blaster class which was really intense but when I didn’t feel anything the next day I assumed I have cheese grater abs hiding away. Then the DOMS set in 4 days later show no sign of abating leaving me feeling as if i’ve been punched in the stomach and ribs so it obviously worked well and i’ll go back to ab blaster again once I am in less pain.

The studio offers a range of cardio and toning classes during the day so I’ll be heading there most days to get my sweat on and then to their on site gym to do weight sessions as an addition to the fun cardio-heavy classes. I’ve also heard about a yoga studio that I hope to try next week so I have a broad range of fitness options so I don’t get bored of my workouts.

Tuesday night I met Patrick after work and we visited the Eko Hotel rooftop bar and restaurant which is a stunning open top lounge bar with great views of the city. There was a brisk wind which the waiter informed us is why they can’t serve full meals outside as things tend to fly around and people have been know to get some extra seasoning from flying bugs. With that in mind,  we opted for some sushi and a mixed appetiser basket. Although there was a limited selection of sushi and no tuna which is my favourite we opted for two varieties which were both great. The sushi rice was really fresh and soft with a good amount of fish but the mixed basket was a little dull tasting so we left most of it.




The bar would be a great place to take visitors to Lagos as it’s got a great view of the city and an extensive drinks menu. There was a restaurant indoors also which had a full service menu so may well head back there to try out some of the main menu if the quality of the sushi is anything to go by, we would be in for a treat.

On Wednesday night we headed to the local Mexican restaurant Bottles. We sat outside in the courtyard and sipped on some Margs.


PB’s colleagues joined us and shared a starter platter of wings, quesadillas, chips and dips etc which were all very tasty. I ordered blackened shrimp skewers and guac for my main which were a little too heavily seasoned for my liking but the rest of our party enjoyed their fajitas and burritos.


The restaurant was very busy and people were enjoying the live 5 piece band. Patrick and I (after probably too many Margaritas) got up and danced the night away and everyone seemed in good spirits with the dance floor packed by the time we left. A great night out in a casual dining spot.

Now for week two and tackling Thanksgiving for 10 people!


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